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Ceramic art in Siem Reap – making memories the kid-friendly way.

Of course we went for the ancient temples (and how beautiful they were!) but after a day of packing in as many as possible, our mini-globetrotters were ready to discover other aspects of Cambodia’s culture and community that didn’t involve being on their feet all day in the scorching sun.

We soon discovered Khmer Ceramics Fine Arts Center, a haven for arts and crafts lovers. A stone’s throw from the National Museum, we piled into a tuk tuk (another not-to-be-missed experience) and promptly arrived at our destination. Our 8- and 10-year-old mini-globetrotters were eager to try their hand at pottery while our youngest mini-globetrotter unleashed his creativity with a painting activity.

With the help of deaf and non-verbal artists, my older kids set to work on the potter’s wheel. What a fun challenge that was! A resilient pair with a dollop of good humour, they squealed with laughter as their hands defied their imagination and small mistakes quickly turned into huge disasters.

After several attempts, they were on the right path to creating something close to resembling mugs and bowls. In the meantime, our little artist leisurely painted his sweet elephant mug.

A few days and many more temples later, we returned to collect our mugs and bowls. They’re truly charming (or is this a case of mummy pride, I wonder?).

As my mini-globetrotters will attest, Khmer Ceramics Fine Arts Center provides a fun and rewarding way to embrace Siem Reap’s heritage. What’s more, it’s an inspirational social enterprise that creates one-of-a-kind education and employment opportunities for Cambodia’s disadvantaged youth. What’s not to love?

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